Goal | 01
Greater Fiscal Responsibility
  • I believe smart money management does not mean raising assessments or pay cuts for hard-working RA staff.

  • Smart money management means the efficient and effective use of available resources, including the knowledge and experience of the RA Fiscal Committee.  

  • It also means exploring the possibility of public/private partnerships and other non-assessment revenue streams to meet membership needs.

Goal | 02

Greater Transparency and Communication

  • The RA Board must be committed to transparency and empowering the membership through meaningful engagement.  

  • We can achieve this by disseminating necessary documents and reports sufficiently prior to board/committee meetings to allow member participation and comment. 

  • I also support the continued development and maintenance of a USER-friendly website.

Goal | 03

Action-Oriented Leadership 

  • I will use my skill set as a successful business owner for creative problem-solving, where consensus building, communication, and firm deadlines will be key.  

  • I will encourage implementing action items in a timely manner. 

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